Strategies to Promote Clients & Avoid Crises

Proactive Strategies

Kauppi Communications develops and implements clear, concise and strategic public relations plans. Our focus is personalized service — and measureable results.

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Strategies include:

  • Developing and implementing public relations plans that reach targeted audiences — the general public, opinion makers, public officials, etc.
  • Advising on social media campaigns — identifying key tools, eliminating time-wasters and de-mystifying the process
  • Forging media relations and building our clients' reputations in their fields
  • Producing press releases, fact sheets, brochures, newsletters and other collateral materials — both printed and electronic
  • Directing web site development
  • Pitching news and feature stories
  • Ghost-writing bylined articles and opinion columns and seeking placement
  • Writing speeches and coaching speech delivery
  • Preparing and briefing clients for media interviews and public appearances
  • Scheduling interviews on television, radio and cable TV news and talk programs

Crisis Management: Avoid Crises, Spot Opportunities

Bad news is bad for business. Especially when it’s handled poorly.

Kauppi Communications helps organizations adopt smart strategies to avoid problems in the first place and to react quickly when they happen.

In the event a crisis does erupt, we help our clients stop the damage and repair their reputation. It’s crucial to remember there is opportunity in every crisis. We help our clients spot that opportunity. Often, this is the key to solving the problem.

Ultimately, our clients survive and grow stronger, because they have prepared ahead of time to react quickly and decisively.

Training is Everything

We have been the face for many organizations, and that’s an important part of our job. But today’s unprecedented media scrutiny demands authenticity. And let’s face it, giving a speech, facing TV cameras after a disaster, or testifying at a contentious public hearing is no time to improvise. If you’re not ready, you’re more likely to learn a hard lesson than to resolve a crisis.

The firm’s founder, Jason Kauppi, provides one-on-one training and group seminars for executives and company employees, coaching newsmakers on interview techniques so they look and sound their best.

As a former reporter and gubernatorial spokesman, Mr. Kauppi has been on both sides of the podium, and that’s an invaluable asset. He’s asked the tough questions, and he’s answered them. Our clients learn how to prepare for an interview. They learn to think like a journalist and anticipate the questions. Then, we provide them with the techniques for developing and delivering effective answers. We teach our clients to speak for themselves — with discretion, power, and authenticity.